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20mm thick porcelain tiles can be laid directly onto grass. Ideally each tile needs to be laid flat with no gaps beneath it and slightly lower than the surface of the grass for ease of mowing. The ideal installation method would involve the following: 4-8mm fine gravel, trowel, soft mallet hammer

  1. Arrange your pavers in the desired position and spacing on the grass.
  2. Dig around the immediate outside of each paver with a spade. Remove the paver and then remove the area of lawn to a depth of 5-8cm.
  3. Use a trowel to smooth and level out the base of the hole.
  4. Add a layer of 4-8mm fine gravel to smooth off the underlying base and ensure greater stability for your paver. Smooth this off with a trowel.
  5. Place your paver on top of the gravel. You want the surface of the paver to sit approximately 1cm below ground level.
  6. Compact the grass edges using a soft mallet, flush with the paver.

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