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Building Code Clauses

NZ Building Code Clauses relevant to ceramic tiles


As Ceramics are a finishing product and not deemed structural, there are few requirements under the NZ Building Code. 


D1 Access Routes – see section 2.0 Access Routes


E3 Internal Moisture – see section 3.0 Watersplash


 C Protection from Fire  


The building code relating to fire rating regulations and standards requires specifiers to provide documentation such as fire certificates for materials used in construction. 


Ceramics are in itself a fire-resistant material, most being manufactured at over 1200 degrees Celsius. Testing and providing such certification is therefore not relevant to the Ceramics industry. 


Ceramic and Porcelain tiles are an inert material, and therefore non-combustible. They do not release fumes or toxic gases in the event of a fire. Porcelain tiles contain no sealants, waxes or other chemicals that could release VOC’s into the environment. Ceramics do not pose a risk of spreading or intensifying a fire.

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