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Greenery, the 2017 colour of the year is just what you need.

09 February 2017

Life, lusciousness, and longevity; the 2017 colour of the year Greenery, represents new beginnings, health and environment. Green is a colour for all years, seasons and spaces and the naming of a particular hue, Greenery, as the colour of the year is a fun way to elevate its conscious inclusion into interior design. 


Tile Depot Colour Consultant, Karen Syddall says “The colour green is considered to be the most restful colour for the eye. It has a calming effect when used in our interior spaces and is considered to relieve stress and help relaxation and healing. Intrinsically associated with nature, greenery is a refreshing and tranquil colour.”


The introduction of Pantones Greenery into NZ homes is expected to be predominantly in soft furnishings and plants. The demand for coloured tiles in NZ is always low, with the vast majority of clients preferring neutral colours and designs for their flooring and wall surfaces that are compatible with the ever-changing colour trends in soft furnishings. However, that quest for bringing nature into the home that can be taken both literally and symbolically by the Pantone Institutes 2017 colour selection, is reflected in the exponential demand for tiles that replicate nature, particularly woodgrain porcelain and marble. The Tile Depot has a vast range of both these products that go naturally with Pantones Greenery as well as an excellent selection of green tiles for those not afraid of permanent colour.


“It’s thrilling to work with the different undertones of Greenery to create rejuvenating designs, whether they are laidback or loud in origin,” Karen Syddall says. “Clients who embrace the use of colour are always well rewarded with striking and unique spaces”.


Greenery is not just a colour that we introduce into our interiors to re-freshen and liven spaces, but is also symbolic of the greater awareness we have as a globe towards environmental factors and our need to live more sustainably.


“A symbolic colour selection; a colour snapshot of what we see taking place in our global culture that serves as an expression of a mood and an attitude”. (Pantone Institute 2016)


At the Tile Depot we are increasingly sourcing more and more ecologically produced tile products as part of our own “green” awareness. Many of our tiles, particularly those out of Italy, are produced with a high level of recycled content and manufacturing processes that significantly minimise waste. Furthermore the lifecycle of most tile products is potentially indefinite, with minimal maintenance required.


Greenery is a really well considered and apt choice for 2017, in a tumultuous world; we could all use a little more green in our homes and everyday lifestyle choices.

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