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Luigi's Egg Dye Recipe

06 April 2020


Dying eggs for Easter is a really fun and easy activity for the whole family to enjoy. The dyed eggs can then be used as table decorations, for easter egg hunts, for hanging garlands and for a range of other creative decorative ideas. 

You can use blown eggs, hard-boiled eggs, or uncooked eggs still in their shell. We prefer blown eggs as they will literally keep for years, are great for making decorations with and can be reused for many subsequent Easters. 

For a Basic Dyed Egg:

20 drops Food Colouring

1 cup of Hot Tap Water

1 Tablespoon White Vinegar


Wash and dry your eggs first.

Mix the ingredients together in a bowl or cup – or even better a small jar with a lid. Submerge your egg in the dye for at least 10 minutes.  Remove and dry on paper towels.       


The more food colouring and the longer you leave the eggs to soak, the stronger the dyed egg colour will be. If you use blown eggs they will tend to float to the surface. You will need to try and submerge them, so hold them in the dye until they fill with the liquid and sink to the bottom. We find placing an eggwhisk on top of the egg helps keep them completely submerged.



If you want to get a little more adventurous and attempt some marbled techniques with your basic dyed eggs or uncoloured eggs, add 2 Tablespoons of cooking oil to your original (or freshly mixed) basic dye.  


Place your egg in the oily mix, and roll it around completely covering it in the oily mix. Then using a small paintbrush or even a cotton bud, dip it in straight food colouring and dab or stroke it onto your egg. Continue to roll the egg in the oily mix as you go. Repeatedly adding dabs of straight food colouring, as many colours as you like, until you are happy with how it looks. Remove and dry on a paper towel.



From our Family to Yours, Happy Easter.

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