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The Cost of a Tiling Project

09 August 2022

When undertaking a building or renovation project we all need to get quotes and estimates to make sure the project can be completed with the funds we have available. Unfortunately with the ever increasing costs to almost everything, it is becoming increasingly difficult to get accurate price estimates. 


Tiles at the Tile Depot, as of mid 2022,  generally range from $40 (for a basic white wall tile) to $300m2 + . The price varies depending on what the tile is made of, where and how it is made, the tile function, specialty surface treatments, size, shipping and transport costs and many other factors. 


When considering tiles for your home, it’s not just the cost of the tiles that needs to be factored into the budget, but also the cost of installation. 


The Tile Depot are tile retailers and not installers, so we cannot accurately advise on how much a tiler will charge. Each of our showrooms will be able to point you in the direction of tilers local to your area, then the only way to determine how much they will cost is to request a quote.


For every tiling project, the best advice is to ALWAYS get a quote from one or more tilers. Make sure you understand exactly what that quote includes, ask the tiler to identify any anticipated “added extras” and always seek references. There is very high demand for tilers these days and it can be very tempting to take the first one you can get without doing your due diligence.


As each tile contactor will have their own price structure there can be a huge variation in project estimates. As a general guide, as of mid 2022, tile installations are ranging anywhere from $200 per m2 (for a simple kitchen splashback) to $500+ per m2 (this excludes the cost of the tiles).  Most tiling quotes include labour, glues, standard grout and silicone – but make sure you understand exactly what is included in the quote as each contractor is different.


There are lots of factors that will affect the price a tiler may quote including:  any surface preparation required – this could include installation of underlay, concrete grinding, adding a screed, surface cleaning and priming. The type and size of tiles, the complexity of the tile job itself, and whether or not any waterproofing or underfloor heating is required. Epoxy grout is an additional cost, as is any underlay, tile trims, sealers and waterproofing membranes. The high demand for tilers is also affecting charge out rates and there is quite a variation throughout the country with regional differences in quotes observed.


So, when calculating the total cost estimate for tiled projects, you need to count both the cost of the tiles plus the cost of installation  - and you can only get an installation estimate from talking to tilers directly about your project.


For those on a tight budget, The Tile Depot recommends considering DIY. If you’re reasonably handy, fussy, a good planner and the job is not too complex, our staff are really great at helping coach customers through the tiling process. Many of our clients have completed some quite incredible projects to a really awesome standard. If you have your area measurements you can bring these into our stores and a pretty accurate estimate of tiles and material costs can be calculated. Not only will you save yourself some money but you’ll pick up a new skill and feel really proud of what you can accomplish.


NOTE: If your project requires waterproofing, which pretty much all bathrooms* do, then the waterproofing must be completed by a certified water-proofer, and you will have to engage a professional tiler. 


As much as we would love to be able to give our clients an accurate total project estimate, there are so many variables we are just not able to. Do make sure you get those quotes, get references, and have a really open and clear line of communication with your tiler to ensure you get the project of your dreams, within a budget you can afford.


* There are many other areas that may require expert waterproofing, so check with your local council for requirements.

One of our youngest known tilers tiling her bedroom floor. 


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