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Cosy Toes with Warmfloor Underfloor Heating System

28 June 2021

As the weather gets colder most of us turn to our traditional heating systems such as wood and gas fireplaces, heaters and heat pumps to keep our homes nice and cozy. However, despite running these heating systems and warming the air temperature around us, there is often still a noticeable chill underfoot. Because heat rises, any convective heat is constantly dissipated and unfortunately wood, tile and other flooring can remain cool.

This is why the Tile Depot recommends including a Warmfloor Underfloor Heating System when planning your next build or renovation. There is nothing quite as luxurious as a warm tiled floor, and Warmfloor is a cost-effective investment that you will most certainly never regret.



There are many benefits to installing a Warmfloor underfloor radiant heating system.  These include:

  • Fast, easy and cost effective to install. Even suitable for DIY.
  • Warmfloor has a strong focus on energy efficient design and latest technology to ensure best performance and lower running costs.
  • Easy to use.
  • Has a programmable thermostat so you only heat the floor when you need it warm, and thus limit energy used.
  • Cable installation means you only need to heat the areas of the floor you actually use, and it can be installed around irregular shaped areas like toilets.
  • Warmfloor radiant heating generates evenly distributed gentle heat - so no cold patches.
  • Warmfloor electronic thermostats can also be connected to your towel warmers so you can heat your towels only when needed.
  • Almost all features are completely hidden under the floor, making it a safe and unobtrusive heat source. A fantastic option for families with children.
  • It operates silently and requires virtually no maintenance and comes with 15 and 25 year warranties, depending on who installs it.
  • As there are no ducted parts, it doesn’t let allergens into your home and thus contributes to improved air quality.
  • In bathrooms, it helps to dry out bathroom floors and prevent the build up of mold.
  • Warmfloor is compatible with a range of flooring types such as tiles, slate, spc, vinyl and even carpet and wood.
  • Warmfloor has a fantastic website with very clear video tutorials to assist the DIY installer.



Warmfloor is a NZ owned and operated company that designs and manufactures their heating cables locally. They have customized the design and installation requirements of the system to reflect the three distinct climate zones that occur in New Zealand, thus ensuring the best heating and most economical performance for each zone.

Underfloor heating should be considered at the planning stages of any renovation or building project. The addition of the cabling and screed, and in many instances an insulation board, will affect the finished height of your flooring which may need to be allowed for. Warmfloor strongly recommend the use of insulation boards for faster heat up times, reduced running costs and reduction of thermal loss into the substrate floor.

Warmfloor is a fantastic and compatible product with tiles from The Tile Depot. Ceramic and porcelain tiles have fantastic thermal conductivity, with the heat from the cables transferring to the tiled floor surface quickly. They also retain the heat longer than other floor coverings, keeping the floor nice and cosy for some time after the underfloor heating is turned off.



So for the ultimate in comfort and luxury, you should really consider a Warmfloor Underfloor Heating System before embarking on your next flooring project. Enquire at your nearest Tile Depot store for more information or 


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