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2020 Pantone Colour of the Year

17 February 2020

The Pantone Color Institute is a globally recognized leader in color trend forecasting.  Each year the Institute announces a color of the year that is derived from a really thoughtful process that considers global trends and events, socio-economical and environmental factors. They draw upon an incredibly broad spectrum of issues to determine a colour that is globally relevant for this  particular point in time.  This colour forecasting then has a huge influence on design-based industries, such as marketing, fashion and interior design. 

For 2020 the colour of the year has been identified as Classic Blue.  Chosen because it is a timeless colour that instills calm and confidence, honesty and protection in a time of considerable global political and environmental unrest.  Classic Blue is a deep welcoming blue with universal appeal, a familiar, safe and reliable colour.

So whilst some critics might have preferred something a little more adventurous, the selection of such a calming and steadfast colour as we embark upon a new decade and really interesting time in human history seems like a clever and reassuring choice.

At the Tile Depot, we are rejoicing this colour choice. Here in New Zealand, the vast majority of interiors tend to err on the side of conservatism, with a very strong tendency towards neutral colours and very cautious use of colour.  However over the past few years we have seen an increasing number of clients exploring the use of colour beyond soft furnishings and shades of blue, particularly in the deeper tones akin to Pantone’s Classic Blue, have been the most prominent. Generally we find it is used in conjunction with more neutral greys, whites and wood tones as a feature element, be it entire walls or strategically designed focal areas in bathrooms, laundries and kitchens. 

Increasingly we are seeing the combination of striking tile formats such as strong geometric shape and interesting textures, combined with these stronger and deeper blues to really add depth and mood to some incredibly stand out spaces.  As such we have been constantly adding to our range of feature blue based tiles with not only a diverse array of designs but also a real mix of interesting materials from ceramic and porcelain, to glass and aluminum.

Deep blues like Classic Blue are often associated with the ocean and nature, elegance and intelligence, purity and nature, a colour that represents life, health, relaxation and reflection.  It’s the perfect colour for the more conservative who wish to jump into the realms of colour exploration as well as the perfect base colour for the more adventurous to build and develop upon.  Pantone’s Classic Blue is a great colour for interior design and you can expect to see an increasing presence of blue tile options throughout the year.


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