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Adopting ever-more innovative technology and cutting-edge styles, AVA has created Wallpaper, a wallpaper line offering an astonishing choice of graphics and textures and a range of different bases. Textured relief effects create original designs, using resins containing glitter or glow-effect pigments, while the pearl-finish option offers wallpaper with a realistic iridescent, metallic feel.

WALLPAPER is the result of a partnership between two world centres of excellence of excellence. It blends the style and design expertise of Italian born and bred tile manufacturers LA FABBRICA and the most advanced technology used in the production of eco-friendly wallpapers Natural, Lux and Flexy.


WALLPAPER NATURAL, is water based and free from PVC and chemical solvents; it is made of 100% non-woven fabric and has been awarded all the certifications required for use in public and private spaces. The designs are printed using eco-friendly, solvent-free and odourless inks that have obtained the Greenguard Children & Schools SM and UL ECO certification. The backing is white, embossed and textured with a stucco effect. The texture is embossed in relief on special cellulose and textile fibres bound together by polymer agents, a process that greatly increases the duration and resistance of the wallpaper surface.



WALLPAPER FLEXY is an innovative and technologically advanced wallpaper made of fibreglass, therefore it is naturally water repellent. The surface features a textured mesh structure that lends a modern look and is pleasant to the touch. FLEXY means flexibility in terms of use and customisation. This wallpaper can also be applied to walls that are in direct contact with water such as bathrooms and external surfaces and is available in all the graphic designs of the collections. It can be simply cleaned using standard neutral detergents.


WALLPAPER LUX is obtained by applying a protective layer and a special epoxy resin on the natural base. The protective layer improves its gleanability characteristics while the resin, mixed with glitter or fluorescent elements, makes it pleasantly textured to the touch and that provides a unique aesthetic depth and brilliance to the different designs.


Bespoke design service.

With WALLPAPER, LA FABBRICA offers all its customers an image rendering service, which allows them to see exactly what the paper they are interested in would look like in the area where they are planning to use it. By simply providing a photo and/or the measurements of the wall, LA FABBRICA can produce a bespoke design, adapting the proportions of the chosen wallpaper to the intended area of use. This means that, as well as guaranteeing a great looking wall, no paper is wasted either, as customers can buy exactly the right amount of paper needed.

Environmentally sustainable design.

All the collections in the WALLPAPER range are made according to strict environmental requirements. The paper types used for the Natural and Lux WALLPAPER lines are 100% “non-woven fabrics” i.e. special cellulose and fibre compound textiles, which are entirely PVC-free and contain no solvents or vinyl adhesives. The special pearl/metallic effect of the WALLPAPER Pearl line, meanwhile, is created using ultra-white embossed vinyl paper. The designs printed on the paper meet green standards too, because they are produced using LATEX inks which are absolutely non-toxic and environmentally friendly as they are water-based.
This means the WALLPAPER lines can be used in areas where particular care is focused on safety, such as schools, hospitals, or children’s bedrooms.


Easy to put up. Even easier to take down.

With high paper weights and large roll widths, WALLPAPER is just as simple to apply as standard wallpaper. The WALLPAPER lines are tear-, scratch-, water- and UV- resistant and can be removed quickly and easily, without any need for water.


Click here to view the range or watch the instalation video below.


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